Move aside Valentine's Day, because on the 25th of January, Wales celebrates Dydd Santes Dwynwen – a day dedicated to the Welsh Patron Saint of lovers, St. Dwynwen.

The Legend of Dwynwen:

Back in the 5th century, Dwynwen, one of Brychan Brycheiniog's 24 daughters, graced the world with her presence. The tale unfolds as Dwynwen, deemed the most beautiful of Brychan's daughters, finds herself entangled in a love story destined for adversity.

Dwynwen's heart belonged to a Prince named Maelon Dafodrill, yet fate had other plans. Promised to another by her father, Dwynwen faced the heart-wrenching reality that her true love was forbidden. In her despair, she beseeched God for a solution – to erase all memories of Maelon.

A Divine Intervention:

Legend has it that Dwynwen's plea reached the heavens, and an angel descended, bearing a sweet potion. This elixir had the power to wipe away all recollection of Maelon, turning him into a block of ice. As a testament to her resilience, God granted Dwynwen three wishes.

Her first wish melted Maelon's frozen state, the second wished for God to meet the aspirations of true lovers, and the final wish ensured Dwynwen's lifelong commitment to God's service. True to her promises, Dwynwen founded a convent on Llanddwyn Island, just off the west coast of Anglesey.

Llanddwyn Island:

Nestled near the town of Newborough, Llanddwyn Island translates to "The church of St. Dwynwen." Here, the remnants of Dwynwen's church stand as a testament to her unwavering faith. After Dwynwen's passing in 465 AD, a well on Llanddwyn Island became a site of pilgrimage. Visitors believed that the sacred fish or eels residing in the well could foretell the fate of their relationships – a glimpse into the mystical realm of love.

Today, Llanddwyn Island remains a cherished destination, captivating the hearts of those who seek the echoes of a timeless love story. The remnants of Dwynwen's church and the sacred well continue to weave tales of romance and devotion, making it a must-visit for those enchanted by the allure of St. Dwynwen.

It's a stunning circular walk that takes you from beach to forest and is a truly unique day out in the stunning North Wales countryside. So why not take a different approach this year and visit the stunning Llanddywn Island this St Dwynwen's Day.




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