As winter whispers through North Wales, the magic of the season comes alive in lots of festive delights! Get ready for a glittering Llandudno Christmas Extravaganza, be enchanted by the Wrexham Lantern Parade, explore the haunted halls of Gwrych Castle (yes, the same one from 'I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here'), bask in the glow of the Tree of Light in Rhos on Sea, and brace yourself for more merry moments that will make your November truly unforgettable!

1. Wrexham Tattoo Show

11th & 12th November


A weekend jam packed with things to see! We have everything from top notch tattoo artists to some of the best entertainment acts ever seen!

2. Llandudno Christmas Extravaganza

11th & 12th November

Join us in the heart of Llandudno to get into the Christmas Spirit. A family fun event with food, drink, gifts, funfair, entertainment and more.

3. Wrexham Lantern Parade

18th November

A magical walk through Wrexham to show support for patient care at Nightingale House Hospice. 

4. Ghost Hunting at Gwrych Castle

25th November

Ghostly encounters are commonplace at Gwrych Castle, but are you brave enough to stay for the evening?

5. St David's Hospice Tree of Lights

26th November

Dedicate a light on the tree to remember and celebrate the life of your loved one.

Don't forget - this is just a small selection of the exciting things to do in North Wales this November. Visit our What's On page to search for more.




  1. Alyssa Morgan
    Can't wait anymore! November is already here and a lot of exciting things are going to happen soon. I am patiently waiting for the Wrexham Lantern Parade. Let's see what got for us this November.
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  15. Maxx
    November in North Wales is like stepping into a winter wonderland with a touch of magic! From glittering Christmas extravaganzas to ghostly encounters at Gwrych Castle (yes, the 'I'm a Celebrity' one), it's a month packed with festive delights. As a loyal reader, I'm already planning my escape to Llandudno for the Christmas Spirit overload and gearing up for the haunted halls—though, staying overnight might require an extra dose of courage! Cheers to a November filled with merry moments and unforgettable adventures in beautiful North Wales!


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