Reducing air pollution and therefore improving air quality in cities and towns is a major benefit to driving an electric vehicle (EV) and one of the reasons we’re seeing so many more on the road today. But of course, with more EV’s, the need for EV charging points also increases.

Thankfully, North Wales has one of the best-equipped Electric Vehicle infrastructures in the UK (according to analysis by In addition, Welsh Government have pledged to provide one charging point facility for every 20 miles of Wales’ strategic trunk network by 2025.

So, if you need an electric vehicle charging point during your visit to North Wales, where can you find one?

AutoTrader has put together this very useful map that helps you locate all the EV charging points in North Wales and across the UK. Visiting North Wales in an electric vehicle? Plan your route here.




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    That's great to hear! It's so encouraging that Welsh Government are taking the initiative to improve air quality in cities and towns by providing more EV charging points. This commitment is sure to make a big difference in the coming years, and help more drivers make the switch to electric vehicles.
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    Thanks so much for sharing this great resource! It will definitely come in handy for anyone looking to visit North Wales in an electric vehicle. It's great to see the Welsh Government's commitment to providing charging points for EVs, and it's encouraging to see more and more EVs on the road today.

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    electric cars are very beneficial for the environment, I feel we should use it for our environment.
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    It is also worth noting that all our electric vehicle charging points are slow charge and they may be occupied on arrival, so it’s best not to leave it until you’re running on empty and allow plenty of time.
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