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North Wales may not currently be open to visitors, and during this uncertain time we encourage all our visitors to stay home and stay safe.

Until you can visit North Wales again, how about testing your North Wales knowledge!

Give yourself 1 point for every correct answer!

The Quiz

  1. Which famous character from the classic children’s novel first published in 1865 spent childhood holidays in the town of Llandudno, her statue can be found opposite Llandudno train station. 
  2. What is the name of the Tudor Town House situated in the town of Conwy? 
  3. John Morris was a farmer from Ysbyty Ifan, North Wales, and his daughter emigrated to America. Who was his great, great grandson?
  4. In which village does the oldest yew tree in Wales stand? 
  5. What is the name of the stretch of water that separates Anglesey from the rest of North Wales? 

6. The Great Orme is a headland next to which North Wales town? 

6.b) Which animal famously grazes the headland? 

7.) In which castle was the Prince of Wales invested? 

           7.b) In what year did this take place? 

8.) What is the highest mountain in Wales? Too easy – how about naming the second highest mountain too? 

9.) How many of the seven wonders of Wales can be found in North Wales? 

10.) What is the name of the Welsh leader who was the last native to hold the title of "Prince of Wales", during his short-lived rebellions in the late-14th and early-15th centuries?  

11.) What was the name of Prince Llewelyn’s loyal hound who’s statue can be found in a North Wales village? 

12.) How many lighthouses are there on Anglesey?

13.) Which celebrity antique dealer has a showroom on Conwy High Street? 

14.) What is the largest town in North Wales

15.) Which North Wales brewery is based in Porthmadog? 

16.) In what year did the Pontcysyllte aqueduct officially open? 

17.) How long is Pontcysyllte Aqueduct and Canal World Heritage Site?  

18.) In which North Wales town will you find St Trillo’s chapel – the smallest chapel in Britain. 

19.) What is the name of this highest hill in the Clwydian Range?

20.) Ty Mawr can be found near the town of Betws Y Coed and was the birthplace of Bishop William Morgan – What is he famous for? 

21.) What was the name of the The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company’s famous ferry that provide a passenger service between Llandudno and Douglas, The Isle of Mann? 

22.) Which is the higher peak Dinas Bran or Moel Famau? 

Picture Round

Who sits at the top of this Anglesey Column?

What is the name of the St associated with this well? 

What is the name of this castle ruin?

What is the name of this lighthouse?

Where will you find this pier? 


Don’t forget North Wales will be ready to welcome our visitors back in the future, until then please Stay Home, Stay Safe and we WILL See You Later!

Answers below

1.    Alice in Wonderland

2.    Plas Mawr

3.    Abraham Lincoln

4.    Llangernyw

5.    Menai Strait

6.     Llandudno
6.b     Kashmir Goats 
7.    Caernarfon 
7.b    1969

8.    Snowdon, Cader Idris

9.    7
10.    Owain Glyn Dwr

11.    Gelert
12.    5
13.     Drew Pritchard
14.    Wrexham

15.    Purple Moose

16.    1805
17.    11 miles

18.    Rhos on Sea
19.    Moel Famau

20    Translating the bible to Welsh

21.    Lady of Mann

22.    Dinas Bran 1000ft | Moel Famau 1818ft

Picture Round
1.     Marquess of Anglesey
2.    St Winifred 
3.    Castell Dinas Bran

4.    Trwyn Du Lighthouse | Penmon Lighthouse

5.    Llandudno

Images by Anthony Woodhouse Photography




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