Llandudno is a Victorian seaside resort in North Wales. The town has been a much loved holiday destination for many years and is famous for its Victorian Pier, cable cars, tramway and beaches to name just a few. Most recently however, Llandudno has been hitting the headlines for a very unusual reason! Goats!! That’s right, Goats! Llandudno has become famous for the Kashmiri Goats that have wondered into the town, providing entertainment worldwide!

Brief History of The Great Orme Goats.

Since the late nineteenth century a herd of Kashmiri goats have roamed the Great Orme headland that stands above the North Wales town of Llandudno. The origins of the Kashmiri goat can be found in the mountains of India. The goats were imported into Europe for their cashmere during the 1800’s. Arriving in Britain during the reign of George IV, here we see the beginnings of The Royal Windsor Herd. It was during the Victorian age when cashmere becomes rather fashionable, Queen Victoria was also gifted a pair of Kashmiri goats by the Shah of Persia in 1837 and The Royal Windsor Heard thrived.

The goats found themselves in Llandudno when the then Lord Mostyn acquired a pair from the Royal Herd and brought them to his Gloddaeth Estate on the outskirts of Llandudno in the late 1800’s. They were then released onto The Great Orme. The goats are usually found grazing the headland around the Great Orme and only venture down from the headland during bad weather. The Goats have thrived on The Great Orme now for over 100 years.

Fast forward to April 2020 and the goats of Llandudno have found a new level of fame!

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Llandudno goats have provided a light relief in the news as they wonder down from the Great Orme and explore the deserted streets of the normally bustling town of Llandudno.  The unusually quiet town has now become a playground for the goats as the wonder further into the town than ever before. The goats have been seen climbing walls and roofs! Eating people’s hedge rows and wondering along the streets!

The story of the wondering Llandudno Goats has found fame across the world appearing in The New York Times and even becoming inspiration for a Steve Bell comic strip! The story has also become a twitter sensation, with celebrities such as Ellen DeGeneres and Carol Voderman joining in the fun! With many newspaper articles and stories, the Great Orme Goats have certainly helped provide some light relief during these unprecedented times.

When North Wales and the town of Llandudno opens up once more to visitors, make sure you take a trip to visit the now world famous Kashmiri goats of The Great Orme, Llandudno.

5 Llandudno Goat Facts!

  • Since 1884 the Kashmiri goats have been the mascot for the Royal Welsh Fusiliers regiment.
  • You will find a statue of Shenkin IV, the present mascot of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers outside Venue Cymru.
  • There is also a bronze sculpture of a Kashmiri Goat at the summit of the Great Orme.
  • There are around 130 goats in the Great Orme Herd
  • They were brought to Britain for their Cashmere.






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