Corris Mine Explorers Gift Vouchers

Corris Mine Explorers provides a rare opportunity to explore the virtually untouched historic workings of an old Welsh slate mine with one of Wales' most experienced Mine Explorers.

More than 130 years of history is captured inside waiting to be discovered. The mine was first worked in 1836 and abandoned by the miners around 40 years ago.

It's as if the mine has just closed. Machinery, tools, even the candles and discarded packets of cigarettes are still in place as the miners left them.

Corris Mine Explorers gives you the opportunity to visit these abandoned slate mine workings, to step into the tough working lives of the miners and of past generations.

During the trip explorers are taken into the dark, damp tunnels and underground workings, in exclusive groups, by the experienced guide. There are 2 trips to choose from; the 2 hour Explorer Trip or a Half Day Mine Expedition. In addition we offer a 1 hour Taster Trip for those who want to try it out first and for younger explorers.

Corris Mine Explorer Gift Vouchers are available for all of the trips and are valid for 12 months.

More details about the 3 trips:

Taster Trip (1 hour)

Suitable for Families (minimum age 8) and anyone wanting a shorter exploration.

Kit provided: Hand torch and helmet.

Explore the dark abandoned slate workings and find immense chambers and discarded machinery and tools. Get a taste of what the main exploration trips involve.

Walking distance: 1/4 mile.

Mine Explorer Trip (2 hours)

Explore deeper in the mine and learn more of the mine's social history (minimum age 10).

Kit provided: Helmet, cap lamp, lamp belt and safety clips.

Get kitted up in special safety equipment before exploring the huge abandoned slate chambers. Find discarded tools, machinery and other mining relics. See how the machinery would have worked. Be shocked as stories of life in the mine are brought alive by your guide.

Walking distance: 1/2 mile.

Half Day Mine Expedition (4 hours)

A journey of exploration, discovery and exhilarating enjoyment... (minimum age 13).

Kit provided: Helmet, cap lamp, lamp belt and safety clips.

Get kitted up in special safety equipment before exploring different parts of the mine; chambers dug by hand and those which were mechanically excavated. Discover old equipment, see how it would have been used and have a go at working it yourself. Find old tools, candles and other mining relics left behind. Feel the mine come alive as stories of its bustling, and often tragic, history spill out in the most fascinating way. You will experience over 10 chambers which are rarely visited.

Walking distance: 2 mile plus.

  • Compressed air winch in the old Braich Goch slate mine
  • Exploring with Corris Mine Explorers
  • Exploring the old Braich Goch mine.
  • Turning the winch on a Corris Mine Exploration
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